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2023 forecast

create an intentional year aligned with your nature and the cosmos.

schedule your year-ahead consultation & discover your possibilities.

Shooting Star


*limited spots for January


What they experienced:

To any of you who are interested in having your chart read, I highly recommend working with her. She's extremely knowledgeable and down-to-earth, yet so incredibly passionate about what she does. My reading with her was above and beyond what I imagined it to be. I feel a tremendous sense of clarity and am really looking forward to all the opportunities this next year brings. 

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For those who want to start the year with perspective and better understand what's going on inside and outside, I recommend that you do a reading with Nala. I'm very excited, reading and rereading. Everything connects a lot.

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The sky is a compass.

Astrology helps us to situate ourselves in reality and see what is possible.

It’s a therapeutic and illuminating experience that does not deny us free will but shows us what can be done within our control and serve as a compass to navigate the seasons of our lives.

To see yourself as part of nature is...

to comprehend that your journey isn’t linear and that you are ever-changing just like the seasons.

To recognize your own patterns is to recognize the divine within you.


Every end of the year is the same thing.

It's easy to get lost in somebody else's agenda and whose strategy & goals to follow. The time and the calendar of the cosmos are not the same that we normally try so hard to follow. In 2023 I want you to tend to your own clock, and to your own idea of success while embracing the possibilities the planets are reflecting.

Achieving goals is important, but knowing how to respect your own pace is more. Each year has a different agenda putting into focus different areas & themes to unfold. Paying attention to this movement is the core of living intentionally with nature & the cosmos.

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After our consultation I want you to:

  • have direction & more clarity to set your intentions

  • carry the intention to be grounded and present during your year

  • respect yourself and your own seasons

  • be able to put your priorities in order 

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that's why I also created a place for you to organize and reflect on your 2023...

you will receive my original template on Notion to put everything we discussed in practice!


Cosmic Calendar with important planetary transits, retrogrades & ingresses of 2023

Journal Prompts for reflections

& goal setting

Space for you to add your own observations about our consultation!

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the 5 pillars to create
an intentional & magical year

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Looking at the past cycle may show clues of what can be improved, and in the present moment, you can discover tools available to you.

Be loyal to your own rhythm, the rhythm of nature, and the cosmos, without seeking unrealistic productivity.

Envision your future and create motion, in a possible way. Manifestation needs action and alignment, but it's also not worth it if it costs your mental health.

Don’t abandon yourself in the process. Make sure you "arrive there" with integrity (integrating all that you are, and all that you feel)

Be committed to your own process, without following others' productivity standards and metrics for success. You have your own time.

and here is where Astrology enters...

Astrology is more than a map for your inner universe, your personality, and your behavior, it is a compass for navigating your life's cycles. The planets never stop moving and having conversations with your natal chart, activating different themes every year. Nothing is set in stone, it all depends on how you choose to align with the timing of the stars.

The timing of the stars is divinely orchestrated and reflects nature within us. Understanding that there’s time for everything: to grow, to bloom, to move slowly, let things dry and fade away, is essential to accept the cycle of everything. What time is it on your own clock?

Understanding the rhythm and the cycles of life can give you clarity, and empowerment to create your own narratives. As much as fate isn't rigid, swimming against the tides can bring frustration, that's why I believe that using Astrology helps you to compassionately move according to your current needs.

In this consultation, I use multiple Astrology prediction techniques such as annual and monthly profections, solar return, firdaria, secondary progressions, and transits. Diving into your own context of life, and listening to your main concerns, I will guide you to make more conscious choices & create an intentional year.

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Hi, I'm Nala...


and I know how it is to arrive at the end of the year and place a huge burden on myself to set goals for all areas of my life, forgetting very important pieces: not being loyal to my own rhythm and nature, and end up frustrated by half of the year, not to mention the crippling comparison. Ever since I started using Astrology to organize my inner and outer world I found a more efficient, pleasant, and magical way to create an intentional life. A way that truly respects me as part of this movement. I believe now that there's space for strategy and magic, there's space for planning and flowing with the seasons. If you are new here: I am a Hellenistic Astrologer, initiated in Ceremonial, Natural, and Planetary Magic following the teachings of Hermetic Qabalah. I believe all these tools and knowledge have shaped my worldview and the way I choose to navigate life and consequently, be at service. If you are looking for guidance, and direction in a practical and grounding way, I am your Astrologer! 

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