Esthefania A.

"I had a wonderful insight watching the replay of our call, I even got emotional. I felt such a powerful light, as if I could really access my Leo, Virgo and Libra energies. It gave me such a good feeling, you told me wonderful things that really made sense. Anyway, I just wanted to share that you deserve to hear that you have a beautiful job! And that it was really worthy for my self-knowledge.


"I had a Lunar Node reading with Nala and I'm obsessed. Everything fell into place! So much clarity around my soul purpose and where I come from. Would highly, highly recommend."

Rayssa J.

"I loved it, loved it, loved it! Really, it makes a lot of sense with what I feel inside of me. It was really worth it, thanks for the work!"

Xenia P.

"Magical birth chart reading with Nala, mindblowing how it all works, how she knew every detail about myself and my way of thinking and living. Such a powerful call, so much energy and information. I got closer to my real self, to the "true me", and got to learn so much about myself. Can't thank you enough!"

Karine R.

"That was the description of what I already feel and even so I cried with your reading. Loved, loved the way my story was obtained so clearly and thank you a lot for providing me this confirmation of alignment with my soul purpose. Understanding that from your words was so much better. Thank you so much for this reading!"

Bianca V.

"For those who want to start the year with perspective and better understand what's going on inside and outside, I recommend that you do a reading with Nala. I'm very excited, reading and rereading. Everything connects a lot."

Kirsten M.

"I just had the most beautiful Solar Return reading by my soul sister, Nala! To any of you who are interested in having your chart read, I highly recommend working with her. She's extremely knowledgeable and down-to-earth, yet so incredibly passionate about what she does. My reading with her was above and beyond what I imagined it to be. I feel a tremendous sense of clarity and am really looking forward to all the opportunities this next year brings. Thank you, Nala, for such a special experience."

Helene M.

“What a beautiful piece, my soul purpose! I have printed it as a little book, very nice. It is really one to keep and read again! I recognize a lot and also that I am going in the right direction again ("lost" it for some years). I really, really love the way you wrote it!"

Ays O.

"Thank you again for the reading. I really had to process all the information of my birth chart. I really enjoyed your type of explaining and the way you tell everything. It's amazing. I also love how you empower and give positive advice during the reading. I loved talking and listening to you! I really admire your knowledge and the way you put yourself out there! I think you are a very beautiful person, inside and out and I'm happy our paths crossed each other!"