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I am a professional Astrologer and only provide services within the limits of this practice, this means I do not claim responsibility and won't be held accountable for any medical conditions, legal, or financial decisions, or any other matters outside of the Astrological practice scope. Astrology does not replace professional/ legal/ medical advice, and if needed, I may refer you to another professional. 


Astrology is a tool for reflection and self-knowledge, and it can provide incredible guidance and direction, but there are no fixed or certain guarantees of outcomes from any Astrological forecasts, predictions, and interpretations. As much as I am committed to trying and provide grounded guidance, and bring accurate and helpful information through my technical skills, I do not hold responsibility for any action or decision made by you after the consultation. Astrology as a tool shouldn't replace your personal discernment. You must acknowledge your free will and your own agency, after the information provided during the session, it's not my role to make judgments for you.


Any information you share, including your data, is confidential and will be kept private. It won't be shared with any third party, even for educational purposes, unless given consent. This includes birth date and time information, contact information, and any personal information shared during the consultation.


All consultations happen on Zoom, and are recorded via Zoom cloud, a link will be shared via e-mail and you must download the files on their device(s). The files are monthly erased from the cloud after one month, and can't be restored.



You can cancel your reading 48 hours before the appointment, after this period, all sales will be final. Please note that booking a consultation also involves hours of study and analysis from my side before the appointment. In the case of cancellations, you must allow up to 7 working days to receive the refund.



If you are not present after 15 minutes of the scheduled time, this will be considered a “no-show”, and therefore refunds won’t be available. You are able to reschedule the reading by contacting me via email at (consistent no-shows will be not eligible for refunds, or rescheduling).

I reserve the right to reschedule any consultation if necessary. You will always be notified by email or phone if anything regarding your appointment has changed. 


I only offer consultations to +18 years old, and I must have consent from anyone else before reading their Astrological charts, this means in the case of gift certificates, and synastry readings, I also need their explicit consent. 


I reserve the right to deny any Astrological service if the request seems inappropriate, or for those who make unethical use of this practice/ tool.


This website collects the following data:

  • Contact details

  • Activities 

  • Orders

  • Invoices


IDENTITY/ Business details:

Astro by Nala | Consulting Astrologer

Website address:

Property of: Nathalia Ferreira de Campos

Created by: WIX websites


Trade name: Astro by Nala
Chamber of Commerce number: 83069461
VAT number: NL003771247B23
Address: Eendrachstraat, 19A, Wormer (1531DT), Netherlands
Phone number: +31618259178

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