An astrological chart is a map that illuminates the way back home to yourself, serving as a compass through your placements, this guide has everything you need to (re)discover yourself, and navigate your life's cycles. Let me translate this guide for you.

What is a birth chart?

A birth chart, or natal chart is like a screenshot of the sky when you were born. This chart contains symbols that represent the position of the planets on that moment in time, and how they reflect your own nature. This chart mirrors the sky in you, and will reflect your life experiences, as well as the promises for different areas. 

What does an Astrologer do?

An Astrological chart contains symbols that need somebody with practice and preparation in order to bring them together and be able to contextualize them. As an Astrologer I am a translator, and will connect the dots to give you practical guidance and clarity, as well as answer any question you may have.

How does the consultation happen?

To read symbols, we need context. A consultation is where we meet to discuss about your chart, the more information you provide me, the deeper and accurately we can go and the more productive our time will be. Our meeting happen online (via zoom), it is recorded and emailed to you together with a copy of your chart.

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Is an Astrology consultation for you?

(tick what you identify with)

you desire to re-align with your own nature

you want to validate your experiences seeing your life through the symbols of the stars

you want to (re)discover and unlock your potential

you want to understand patterns of behavior and work on yourself

you need direction and clarity

you want guidance to better navigate the current tides of your life

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Natal Chart

The Foundation

What makes you, you? What are your necessities, gifts, potential, challenges? What are the promises that want to unfold in your life? In this consultation we will unravel  your own nature and together contextualize your life experiences. This chart is born with you and gives the compass to your life cycles, serving as a foundation to any other type of consultation, so if this is your your first time using Astrology, this reading is the starting point. 

90 min | €170

Year Ahead


The planets never stop having conversations with your natal chart, indicating the nature of your life's cycles. This reading is specially suitable if your birthday is coming up, and you want directions and unravel the new possibilities and challenges coming ahead. But can also be suitable at any time you need. Here I use multiple timing techniques, such as Solar Return, annual/monthly profections, secondary progressions, and transits.

90 min | €170

Career & Vocation

Unlock your potential

We are simply not meant to operate the same way as others, that would be a waste of our infinite potential. In this session I intend to remind you what the meaning of success and fulfillment means uniquely to you. I will translate the symbols in your chart that are specifically related to work, routine, money, and career. I will give a deep look at your skills and possibilities, as well as the challenges that you're meant to acknowledge in these areas.

60 min | €125


a quick dive

If you want to explore one specific subject or placement in your chart, this is your reading! This is also suitable to do a quick check on the Astro-weather such as upcoming eclipses, retrogrades, lunations, or any other transit you desire to shine a light of awareness and discover how to make the best out of it, based on what it means uniquely to you.

40 min | €70

Locational Astrology

discover your places

Using Astrocartography, in this consultation we will explore the nature of your experiences in different places of the world. This is for you who wants to find destinations for different goals as you travel or relocate: study, find a lover, write a book, reconnect with yourself, spiritual purposes, find a home. Or, to understand your relationship with particular places and cultures. 

2h |  €250
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My approach is based on Traditional Astrology and I will use  mainly Hellenistic and Medieval techniques to lead the reading, that means using whole sign houses system and classic rulerships. For our consultation we will need your exact birth time, so please consult your birth certificate before booking. You'll receive the link for our meeting one hour before the appointment. Please read about my cancellation policy and legal disclaimers here and feel free to email me if there's any other question.

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Magical birth chart reading with Nala, mindblowing how it all works, how she knew every detail about myself and my way of thinking and living. Such a powerful call, so much energy, and information. I got closer to my real self, to the "true me", and got to learn so much about myself. Can't thank you enough!

X. Procopi – Natal Chart Reading