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Locational Astrology

1:1 astrocartography reading.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 250 euros
  • Online session

About the session

Let's illuminate your unique path and places in the world that are most aligned with what you’re seeking. This reading is for you who wants to have a greater understanding of which destinations you have the potential to integrate certain planetary energies for different goals and purposes, such as: • career; • study; • relationships; • a deeper alignment with yourself and essence; • sense of independence, courage, confidence; • strengthening spiritual connection; • ancestors' themes; • to move and lay your roots; Or any other topic(s) you desire. I leave this for you to decide. We can explore so much using Locational Astrology! The potential of this consultation can be limitless, so make sure to fill out the form carefully so we can have an effective reading and time together. You can bring specific topics you feel called to work on at the moment, I can suggest the most aligned places that are a match with your goal. With 'The journey' reading, you will gain insights about: • Which places can accentuate certain life themes. • The way you might relate to the energies in different places according to your own natal chart placements. • The possible reason why you feel drawn to certain cultures, languages, and even people from certain nationalities. • Your experiences in places you've been - even your current home. • The possibility of places that can activate points of your natal chart and support you on your own self-development and embodiment of that symbolic manifestation. Example: Venus lines in locational Astrology will activate topics such as relationships, self-worth, hobbies, resources - depending on the angle, those are normally places that hold big possibilities for love, marriage, connections, partnerships of any kind. However, the condition of Venus in your natal chart will determine more effectively your experiences in the places you have Venus lines, bringing the challenges and possibilities expressed by the position of this planet in your chart. And this is why this reading is so personalized! Keep in my mind that just visiting or moving to a certain place doesn't automatically will solve your issues. Astrocartography shows the places that can support you on your self-knowledge and self-development journey, bringing awareness to certain topics - but it's totally up to you to embrace this process. *All readings are done via zoom, they are recorded and sent to you shortly after, together with the drawings of your charts.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or reschedule your reading 48 hours before the appointment. Please note that I carefully prepare each consultation before our actual meeting online, and this involves hours of study and analysis. In the case of cancellations, I kindly ask you to allow 7 working days to receive the refund. NO SHOWS = NO REFUND. Each consultation requires resources and preparation to happen, please be considerate of my time, energy, and knowledge, as well as the available time slots. I consider a no-show after 15 minutes passed our appoint