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Natal Chart

come home to yourself.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 170 euros
  • Online session

About the session

Your Natal Chart (or birth chart) is like a screenshot of the sky when you were born. This chart contains symbols that represent the position of the planets on that exact moment in time, and how their conversations reflect your own nature. This chart mirrors everything that makes you, you. It's the map that unravels what that specific celestial dance imprinted in you, your own needs, as well as the promises that desire to unfold in different life areas. In this consultation we will discuss these promises as well as what you're meant to acknowledge in terms of possibilities and challenges. - Who am I on the face of destiny? - What are my motivations? - What nurtures me? - What are my potentials? These are some of the infinite questions Astrology can answer. I believe Astrology can be extremely reassuring and empowers us to embrace and accept our fate, while understanding how our free will can support it, making it liberating to unlock all that we are and all that we are meant to be in this life. A reading provides confirmation, helping us validate past experiences while also serving as a compass and direction to write new pages of our own story. During our time together, we will contextualize these experiences & the more you bring me in, the deeper we can go and have a meaningful exchange. Through traditional techniques (Hellenistic and Medieval) I will bring possibilities and more clarity to your promises, from career to relationships, from health to money, and what is being highlighted in your chart as areas of strong focus. We will cover where your biggest strengths lie, and your possibilities, as well as the challenges meant to be overcome or integrated. Your Natal Chart is a map, it shows the way for you to come home to yourself. To reconnect with your highest potential. It's all already within you, I will just help you remember. All of my sessions happen via Zoom, and you will receive a recording of our call, and a copy of your birth chart.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or reschedule your reading 48 hours before the appointment. Please note that I carefully prepare each consultation before our actual meeting online, and this involves hours of study and analysis. In the case of cancellations, I kindly ask you to allow 7 working days to receive the refund. NO SHOWS = NO REFUND. Each consultation requires resources and preparation to happen, please be considerate of my time, energy, and knowledge, as well as the available time slots. I consider a no-show after 15 minutes passed our appointment. Make sure you add the exact time and date of birth on the checkout. I don't take responsibility if you filled out the wrong information and only noticed it during the consultation. Meaning, there can't be a refund since the chart was analyzed. Please fill out the form carefully and in case you noticed a misspelling only afterward, email me immediately: DISCLAIMER I only offer consultations to +18 years old. Please do not book with me if you do not meet this criteria. I don't take responsibility for legal, financial, or any kind of decision made after the consultation. An Astrology consultation can be a therapeutic tool, however, it does not replace professional help or medical advice.

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