Is Scorpio a Sign Of Transformation? and other musings about the darkest time of the year

Updated: Oct 31

We officially entered the darkest time of the year, when a chilling icy breeze is filling our lungs, the leaves have turned yellow and are falling, painting the essence of death and decay: an organic and necessary process in nature. This means the Sun has arrived in Scorpio, bringing Autumn to a peak in the Northern Hemisphere.

Scorpio represents a rejection of all that is hollow, while not being afraid to see things for what they truly are. On the surface, a cold gaze, and a certain discretion. Underneath, it's comfortably holding onto its mysteries. Like the surface of a frosted lake that hides a deep, cold, and dark water.

Scorpio is the feminine home of Mars, and due to sharing a nocturnal nature, is said to be the God of War's favorite domicile. Mars is the planet that rules over assertion, drive, and the need to conquer. As a malefic planet, is also associated with severings, and cuts. Mars also has rulership over Aries, its masculine, hot and dry domicile, the most impulsive, explosive, and battle-oriented manifestation of Mars. Scorpio brings this energy inwards, and introspectively, moving vigilantly while utilizing its acute awareness of danger, in places where survival requires its primal instinct. The impulse is rather used to preserve itself, just like the Scorpion, a creature who lives under a dark and cold rock but can also swim in the deepest waters, being able to survive in extreme conditions, ready to use its pincers against any threat. In ancient times, this animal was a symbol of protection. A single small sting can be fatal due to its powerful venom, but its moderate use can also be a treatment and even a cure. The challenge is to find the dosage.

In Astrology, there are two commonly overused and quite equivocated words when referring to Scorpio: rebirth and transformation. In fact, as a fixed sign, Scorpio is not comfortable with anything that is disruptive. The function and pace of the fixed signs are to solidify and maintain. Instead of "transformation", we see in Scorpio a condition of destruction and decay, very much associated with the Autumnal time of the year, and due to its Martian nature that severs, and brings death to things, which can be experienced as a symbolical shedding, cleansing, and purging, but not necessarily a time of the year where we experience immediate change or being able to quickly turn darkness into light.

When understanding the archetypes of the zodiac, there are a few basic fundaments we need to know to fully grasp their meanings, before we assign them to symbolical figures, such as "Scorpio, the phoenix" or "Aries, the Ram". These are:

Primitive qualities (temperament/ humor):

Hot and moist (air)

Hot and dry (fire)

Cold and moist (water)

Cold and dry (earth)

Modality: Cardinal (or movable): initiate, create motion → They are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Fixed: preserve, maintain, solidify → They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Mutable (or common): finish, change, alchemize → They are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Essential dignity: how the planets “feel” and operate in that sign → based on rulership, exaltation, detriment, and fall

Season in nature (normally based in the northern hemisphere and what we experience when the Sun transits through that sign): spring, summer, autumn, or winter

The nature of Scorpio is feminine, phlegmatic (cold and humid), and nocturnal, so there's a natural essence of darkness. Just like the other fixed signs, it has the function of fixating and maintaining a season on Earth - like already mentioned, when the Sun moves through this sign, it’s the deepest time of Autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Libra has begun this process in the Autumn Solstice. Libra is a sign of opposition, in nature it represents the equal balance between darkness and light. Scorpio brings depth to this scenario, where the leaves have already turned yellow, announcing they’ve accomplished their purpose, falling from their branches. Here, the darkness takes over. The trees are dried up completely. Death has arrived in nature.

But isn’t time for nature to be reborn just yet, things still need to go through a process of introspection to germinate. There’s a need to sit with darkness instead, with the sharp silence of this liminal space.

Capricorn season announces the Winter Solstice, which is when we know from that point the days will only increase in light and the Sun will return, but meanwhile, throughout all winter, the seeds that are buried under the ground are introspectively waiting for their time to bloom. You can’t see it yet, but they’re germinating, and getting nourished, receiving the necessary nutrition provided by the earth.

Only during Aries season (spring) is when things will start to bloom again and light will return to shine and provide us with vitality.

You can’t rush this process.

The traditional Astrologer Adam Elenbaas from Nightlight Astrology beautifully says:

“There is an emotional lucidity that comes by our intimacy with death… Like the emptiness of the Buddha sitting under the Moon at nighttime, contemplating impermanence with perfect, frosty detachment. With this heightened instinctual awareness of death in nature, there is also tremendous power, like the life force drawing back below the ground, into the seeds or roots. The feeling of potential nuclear detonation or “rebirth” we sense with Scorpio is therefore about mistaking Aries and the eventual return of spring with the middle of Autumn. The fact that both signs are Mars-ruled does in fact connect the idea of coagulated inner power with an eventual explosion or outward thrust of the same energy, but to assign too much of this outward explosiveness to Scorpio is to try to make death into life, or Autumn into Spring prematurely.”

quote extracted from the article: Let’s Not Make it Nice about Scorpio.

Scorpio offers detriment for Venus, the Goddess of harmony and love that requires unity, and offers a condition of fall for the Moon, ruler of nourishment and that which allows life to reproduce. The Moon is a celestial body whose primary function is to reflect the light of the Sun. Because she is the closest to earth and the one that moves faster in the sky, she is a receptor for other planets by casting their heavenly messages, like a bridge between heaven and earth, manifesting the spirit in the material realms. Therefore, the Moon is a planet that has to do with what’s tangible, including our physical body and its maintenance, its nutrition. The Moon is vitality, Scorpio is decay.

Even though this sign offers such conditions for Venus and the Moon - both signifiers of affection and comfort, Scorpio is part of an inevitable cycle for both these planets. They eventually travel through Scorpio because discomfort is also part of being human in this world.

Death, decay, stings, and thorns. They inevitably have their place in life.

There’s no immediate rebirth in Scorpio, yet there’s a necessary stage: death, and impermanence. It’s important to sit with it and have patience.

The need of seeing Scorpio as a transformation sign comes may come from the aversion to sitting with uncomfortable aspects of life and our own, while holding space for them to be. This extreme need to constantly alchemize any piece of shadow into light can be also a symptom of avoidance.

Some stereotypes of Scorpio include being paranoid, and obsessive, but as an archetype that sits in the darkness polarity, Scorpio has an acute awareness of the existence of evil, danger, threat, betrayal, secrets, hidden motives, revenge, envy, greed, and lust. Scorpio’s gifts exist in recognizing the existence of these, but not necessarily becoming it. Scorpio simply deals with the truth, but when not deeply integrated nor accepted, this is when darkness finds a way to evade.

Scorpio themes are often considered taboo, and become hideous. Rebirth and transformation can be used as an immediate attempt to rescue ourselves and make those things more digestible. “I will only look at these aspects of myself in order to heal and fix it” rather than finding a place for them to exist. Also, to listen or say that we need to constantly fix or heal ourselves and find an immediate escape from what bothers us, most of the time, can be spiritual bypassing. Scorpio dares to look at the face of what causes pain, and let it sting for a while, let it become a scar. And let it be real. Let it be integrated and acknowledged.

The shadow isn’t separate from ourselves.

Trying to control it is often a need to avoid these parts of us that we dislike or were taught to suppress. This rush to fix them is unsustainable. You can’t shame yourself out of it.

I often hear people saying “I hate Scorpio”, or an extreme aversion to this archetype and this time in the astrological year.

Firstly, I invite you to reflect on your relationship with what Scorpio rules.

And your capacity to sit with them and be honest about their existence within you. Let it be a mirror.

When not giving a name to your demons and being avoidant instead of giving them a place, it eventually has control over you.

By not accepting the place of darkness, death, and decay, Scorpio season can sting and be more painful than constructive.

Secondly, the Sun moving through Scorpio doesn't make you paranoid, jealous, or destructive, It tells you that’s possibly what's happening within you. Let's remember that Astrology doesn't operate with a causal effect. The planetary dance is a mirror for patterns that unfold in earthly reality. Astrology as a hermetic tool is about correspondence and reflection. It's a clock simply giving the time.

Instead of asking: "how Scorpio season is making me feel and affecting my life?"

You can reframe it as "what is Scorpio season showing me about how I feel?"

It’s true that one of the nuances of Scorpio can manifest as being possessive due to its nature that tends to preservation. This nature reflects a capacity to hold and carry an emotional baggage for way too long.

However, in the body, Scorpio rules the parts responsible for “purging” and expelling, such as the private organs, bowels, and excretory system. A way to move through Scorpio Season is learning how to find a filter, a drain, a way to expel toxins. Not from avoidance, but recognizing when it has served a purpose and is becoming poisonous for all the water you carry within.

We were taught to suppress and censor the “ugly” emotions.

Until it floods us.

Suppressing might have become a mechanism of safety and survival.

but to really survive and walk through the darkness, is necessary to feel.

What do you think happens when creatures are locked in a basement?

They scream and shatter in anger.

They will eventually try to escape. and if they succeed, they can turn against you.

But in essence, they just want to be seen and acknowledged.

I like to think of Scorpio season as daring to open the door of this basement.

We weren’t taught to feel all our emotions, instead, label them in categories - what is acceptable and what’s not. Good or bad.

The basement wasn’t just created by ourselves, was already there before us, society has built those walls and now you’re the owner.

But you are the one who hears the screams.

What creatures do you keep in the basement that have become so loud you can’t bare?

Remember you are a human, a living being part of this organic system, not one-dimensional, and filled with nuances.

The path is integration. To be whole. To be comfortable with the ugly, with the less appealing, to reconcile the evil and the shadows. Making room for the nuances of light & darkness as a way to live in integrity with ourselves.

There’s a need to find a place for everything in life instead of condoning it.

Notice how what you don’t accept, address, or acknowledge, ends up having power and control over you.

With Eclipse season upon us, you might notice things naturally decaying and falling away from your life. A need to purge obsessions and harmful ways of living such as reproducing and choosing to hold and repeat stories of pain and reviving trauma due to familiarity with it. BUT ALSO! – I invite you to rethink if you may be turning healing into your entire identity.

Instead of fixing it, healing it, or transcending it,

try to FEEL it instead.

Scorpio season is when we are face-to-face with darkness.

It's something we need to sit with for a while.

May you separate fear from instinct. May you find your antidote.

Scorpio season and you.

You may want to look at the houses you have Scorpio and Mars in your natal chart and ask deep questions:

– What have I kept under the rug for way too long?

– What parts of myself regarding that area do I treat as taboo or is being repressed?

– And what am I holding there that became intoxicating and is time to purge?

– How can I invite all shadows, less appealing or accepted parts of you, and find a place for them?

– What painful memories regarding these topics I can use the freezing Scorpio to turn into a scar and not have more impact on my future choices?

- In what way am I mistaking fear for intuition in this house?

Notice what is being naturally removed and shed from your life during the Eclipse season that starts with the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio on October 25th.

Keep in mind that Eclipses are a process that can unfold for 6th months. If you need guidance for this period you can book a focused consultation with me here.

1st house:

yourself, body, identity, health, motivations, what you seek to find self-realization, fundamental needs

2nd house:

sustenance, food, resources, possessions, money

3rd house:

immediate surroundings, small journeys, routine, daily habits and rituals, devotion and contact with the divine, oracles, siblings, cousins

4th house:

foundations, home, parents (normally the father), private life, what is hidden and buried

5th house:

children, leisure, joy, beneficence, pleasure,

6th house:

daily obligations, work, subordination, illness, pets

7th house:

relationships, contracts, marriage, business partners, declared enemies

8th house:

Shared resources, money, and resources from others, inheritances, testaments, debts, taxes, fear, the occult

9th house:

long journeys, beliefs, philosophies, higher knowledge, faith

10th house:

authorities, reputation, recognition, ambition, career, the mother

11th house:

groups and alliances, honors, acquisitions, the fruition of career, hopes and dreams for the future

12th house:

hidden enemies, imprisonment, hospitals, sorrow, mental health, the unconscious

Wishing you a profound and revealing Scorpio season!

written by Nathalia Ferreira – AstrobyNala

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