Your days aligned with the cosmic clock.


A membership for Astro lovers and enthusiasts who want to align with the natural cycles, and to live an incredible life more aligned with their essence.

My name is Nathalia, and I am a Brazilian Astrologer based in the Netherlands. I experienc


The word LUMINA in ancient language means light, or "to enlighten", and brings us back to VISIBILITY, that is so important to the practice of Astrology. The light of the wandering stars, and the dance of the luminaries, have been guiding humans for a long time, to understand the correlation between heaven and earth events. As above so below.

Our membership has the purpose to align you with the flow of nature and the cosmos, to respect your cycles, and to schedule more magic on your days, while embodying your essence and purpose, using Astrology as a map.

• dynamic and organized platform 
• consume at your own pace 
• available in all devices  
• immediate access 
• new content uploaded every month
• 15 days to experience

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Monthly subscription


What you'll experience inside 


You'll learn about each archetype of the zodiac every month under each season.

You'll decode and embody your own natal chart placements, to live with essence & purpose.

You'll have access to inspiring forecasts to plan your days with more flow and alignment.

You'll join magical live gatherings every New and Full Moon to manifest and release.

How does it happen?


LUMINA is hosted in an organized platform for you to do your self-study at your own pace and rhythm. You get instant access to previous content and can expect new content every month.


The Astrology content is uploaded in multiple

formats, such as digital guides, videos and audios.


You'll have Journal prompts, tools, and seasonal activities for you to reflect on, plan and enjoy the opportunities that each season holds.


You'll have access to a private group to receive support, ask questions and share experiences, which is of course, opitional.


Our live meetings happen every New and Full Moon, via Zoom. You'll receive the teachings about the lunations, ceremonies manifest, and release by tapping into the current energies.


You'll get free entrance to my live Astrology workshops and webinars, which are recorded and uploaded on the platform.

LUMINA is not  Astrology course, is an Astrolocal experience.

you'll learn how to decode and embody your own natal chart, how to plan according to the transits and enjoy the opportunities that each season holds uniquely for you. while you do that, you'll naturaly learn.


We all have the 12 zodiac signs in our Natal Chart, each of them coloring a different house that corresponds to a different life area, such as identity, values, money, health, relationship, career, and so on. Each of us has a different approach, essence, and promise for these areas, according to our placements. 

Every day there is a dance between the luminaries, Sun and the Moon, and the wandering stars (the planets). This dance illuminates these life areas for you.​ You probably are more familiar with the Sun. Each Astrology season (when the Sun enters a different zodiac sign), illuminates a different life area for you. With the tools from LUMINA membership, you will understand what the Astro weather means uniquelly to you, and use Astrology for your personal development and growth.

what they have been experiencing:

Nala, I wanted to express how happy I am that I found you and your coven. Being a part of this group has been a true blessing in my life. Not only have I been brought into a circle of wonderful like-minded people, where we can chat about anything, ask questions about our charts, the transits, and you are there to answer in real-time. Your membership awards us with so much knowledge and teachings on how to read your birth chart, how to interpret the transits in our birth chart, you also provide daily horoscopes! The moon gatherings are so special and I appreciate all the time and energy you invest in your craft and coven! Being a part of your coven and membership has been a game-changer in my life!  Thank you!! 

"I really love the membership since it's so personal. The daily forecasts are very insightful and practical. I learn a lot about Astrology and my own chart. Also, the card readings by Priscila are amazing! I love that everyone brings in their own experience and knowledge so we really learn from each other.

And I love the humor!"

"Everything is so high quality and put together as for the looks of the guides also for the knowledge in the guide, the daily messages, and group chats. The atmosphere is like a sister group with lovely ladies and there is so much warmth. Thank you so much for making this happening Nala!"

"I was lucky enough to be able to be part of such a safe space that is this membership Nala created. I can feel all the love and effort she puts in there through the forecasts, our zoom meetings to discuss the aspects, and every time she enlightens us with all her knowledge. Everything is so spot on every day! I learn so much with our group, and it's so powerful to share experiences where we feel welcome and safe. "

T. Dijkstra

Priscila Rangel

Ays. O.


Virgo rising, Sun in Virgo, Virgo Moon

Aquarius rising, Sun in Aquarius, Pisces Moon

Libra rising, Sun in Sagittarius, Taurus Moon

M. Solis

Taurus rising, Sun in Gemini, Sagittarius Moon

Who guides you on this

My name is Nathalia, but you can call me Nala. I am a Hellenistic Astrologer that still incorporates some of the modern concepts in my practice, I'm a Reiki practitioner and initiated in Magic.

I like to say that I live my life like a moving prayer, ritualizing each moment, scheduling more ease, devotion, connection, and presence even in the simplest tasks. But wasn't always this way, there was a version of me that was experiencing burnout and feeling overwhelmed by constant productivity, without listening to what my soul really craved for. Using Astrology as a compass, I created more magic in my routine and found my way back to my essence. Well, the process isn't linear, it requires embodiment, practice, and observation. And this is what we do inside our membership. The teachings and practices I share on LUMINA have truly impacted my own journey, and it's going to be a pleasure to guide you on yours.



- You are a serious Astro lover and enthusiast and want to have more of 

what Astrology can really offer.

- Wants to learn more about your Natal Chart.

- Wants to unlock your potential.

- Are interested in organizing yourself and planning your

month using Astrology guidance.

- Wants to align yourself with a life that resonates more with you.

- Wants to learn how to work with the Moon cycles.

- Would love to join a safe space to receive guidance and share experiences.