Have you ever felt an unexplainable calling to visit a certain place in the world or a certain culture? Ever been to a place that has marked you forever, that made you want to stay, or, never come back again? What if I told you that there is a reason? And that Astrology can explain?

Astrocartography, or locational Astrology, is a field of ​​Astrology that integrates your natal chart with the world map, making it possible to visualize and understand in which places on Earth you find certain planetary energies, and therefore, explains the nature of experiences in each of those places.

travel with purpose, using it as a tool for self-development, reflecting on how you have been embodying and integrating the placements of your natal chart.

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understand the experiences, possibilities, and challenges, on places that you have been, including your home, or places you still want to go.

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discover possibilities of destinations for different reasons and goals: career, relationships, self-knowledge, spirituality, growth, laying roots, or 

anything else you desire to experience.

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Your Astrocartography chart can unravel the nature of certain experiences, that are activated as you visit or move to certain places in the world. This chart mirrors your natal chart on the world map, so you can visualize through planetary lines and angles, what those experiences will mean for you. By staying in one of these planetary lines you will feel the manifestation of that certain planet and have the chance to understand deeply how you are embodying that topic in your life. Astro*carto*graphy, also called Locational Astrology, was created by the Astrologer Jim Lewis in 1940.

This reading can only be effective by analyzing your own natal chart placements and the condition of the planets and how you are integrating them, wherever you go in the world, you bring the promises of your natal chart. Therefore your Astrocartography reading will be completely personalized. 

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experience with Locational Astrology.

From a Pluto DC line to a Jupiter DC line.

I always felt a calling in form of uncomfortable feelings, to live abroad. It was only in 2017, in my nineteens, that I traveled to another country for the first time and had the most profound and expansive experience. So much that one year later I decided to leave Brazil, to move to the Netherlands. Only then, already as an Astrology student, I discovered Astrocartography, and everything made so much sense and I could finally translate my feelings, and my reasons to move. Locational Astrology is fascinating, reassuring, validating. and a beautiful tool for your self-knowledge journey. More than understanding my personal energies in different places, I understood more deeply what I got to work on myself, integrate, embody, and how those places hold the necessary key and support me on that. I still hold my home country very dear to my heart - but I know why my heart always craved more - because it was meant to! Using Astrocartography, I also have visited my Sun AC line, Saturn MC line, Moon DC line - and could confirm by myself the effects of each of them, according to my natal chart.  

My practice is inspired by Jim Lewis's teachings and book, with my personal baggage of Modern Astrology (Humanistic and Psychological), and traditional concepts (Hellenistic Astrology).


Budapest, Hungary - Sun AC line.

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London, UK - Saturn MC line.


The Netherlands - Jupiter DC line.


✳︎ Greater understanding of experiences on certain place(s) you've been or desire to visit/ move to.

✳︎ Places that can activate reflection, growth, self-knowledge, according to your own placements in the natal chart.

✳︎ Possibilities of places to travel with different kinds of purposes: career, money, relationships, self-awareness, and development, strengthen your spiritual connection, sense of independence, confidence, or any other desired topic(s).

✳︎ Using travel as a tool for integration, reflection, and embodiment of the promises of the natal chart placements.

✳︎  You won't be advised to move to a certain place to run from a personal challenge and that your life will completely change for good. Every place will activate areas of your natal chart that needs to be integrated and faced. The reading is done always based on your natal chart placements and highlights your own level of integration about a certain topic and your life's context.

✳︎ To determine your experiences as "good', or "bad" or any other kind of deterministic prediction.

✳︎ To decide for you. This tool is meant to give you directions, and possibilities,

but can't replace your own responsibility.

✳︎ To treat health/ psychological issues. 



No, you don't need to have a trip scheduled, or want to move to another country.  In Astrocartography we have something called "remote activation", basically meaning that we all can experience the planetary energies by getting in contact with objects, people, or anything related to certain places, such as the culture, food, language, music, and so on! Your Astrocartography chart reading can serve a lot as a self-knowledge tool.


Your exact date and time of birth, and the location.

You'll be asked to answer a couple of questions on the booking checkout, which will depend

on what kind of reading you've chosen. In these questions, I want to understand mode deeply

your reasons and motives,  and it's really important for me to prepare your reading more effectively since it

is so personalized.


It's recommended, but not necessary. In the locational Astrology reading, I will prepare myself based on your natal chart, transits, and the Astrocartography chart itself. The reading is already based on your natal chart because the correlation is necessary, so you will end up understanding the basis of your natal chart too. You don't need to understand Astrology or have knowledge about it, I will use beginner-friendly language to guide the reading and give you the information you need to know.