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Here you can find some frequently asked questions, as well about my cancellation policy and legal disclaimers. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact me:

When is the best time to have a consultation?

Short answer: at any time! 

There are many reasons people search for a reading. When you find yourself needing career, money, relationship direction, or to enhance your connection with yourself, when you're unsure about where your potential lies, if you want to understand more closely a pattern that keeps repeating on your life, or simply if you desire to see your story through the language of the stars as a way of reassuring previous experiences. There's no right answer for that, but I believe Astrology finds us when we need. If you feel like, then I'd say it's time! Out of curiosity or necessity, Astrology will always be a gift that keeps on giving. Meaning, not only you can have a consultation at any time, but you can continuously consulting your chart, unraveling its many layers and rediscovering yourself.


How many times would you recommend having a reading?

You can always consult your natal chart throughout your lifetime, it's a gift that keeps on giving and it has many layers. The first consultation with me we go through the foundation of your birth chart, decoding the signs, houses and planetary relationships, to understand your cosmic imprint, what I like to call "the natal promise". But whenever you feel like returning to yourself and investigate more deeply a certain theme, you can always do so. Specially because we evolve and change, and we can always refresh our perspectives and renew the vows with ourselves. Besides your Natal Chart, every year you can consult your possibilities for the new cycle (around your birthday), this I offer on my Year Ahead Consultation. You can also check on your Astro weather whenever you want, to understand your opportunities and challenges at any given moment. There are no specific rules. Astrology is a clock, so you can always check "what time it is".

What is your field of Astrology & what house system do you use?

I practice Astrology through the traditional lenses, more specifically, I use Hellenistic and Medieval teachings and techniques, incorporating a contemporary view, not forgetting the fundamentals but using them on our actual context and reality. Although I bring a bigger focus to the 7 traditional planets, in my analysis I also bring the generational planets that were discovered in modern times, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I work with Whole Sign houses, and classic rulerships, respecting the tradition of planetary relationships such as essential dignities (i.e = Jupiter rules Pisces, Saturn rules Aquarius).

What is your cancellation policy?  

You can cancel or reschedule your reading 48 hours before the appointment. Please note that I carefully prepare each consultation before our actual meeting online, and this involves hours of study and analysis. In the case of cancellations, I kindly ask you to allow 7 working days to receive the refund. 


Each consultation require resources and preparation to happen, please be considerate of my time, energy and knowledge, as well as the available time you've chosen that could be someone else's. 

Make sure you add the exact time and date of birth on the checkout.

I don't take responsibility if you filled out the wrong information and only noticed it during the consultation. Meaning, there can't be a refund since the chart was analysed. Please fill out the form carefully and in case you noticed a misspell only afterwards, email me immediately:


I only offer consultations to +18 years old.

Please do not book with me if you do not meet this criteria. 

I don't take responsibility on legal, financial or any kind of decision made after the consultation. 

An Astrology consultation can be a therapeutic tool, however it does not replace professional help, or medical advice. 

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