Taurus rising, Aquarius Moon, Leo Sun, it's inherently mine the need to experience life like a moving prayer, but also to understand it and make it meaningful. 


My name is Nathalia, but you can call me Nala. I am the Astrologer behind AstrobyNala, first certified in modern Astrology but nowadays an (eternal) student of traditional Astrology, a Reiki practitioner, and initiated in Magic.  When I was 19 I made the decision to move to the Netherlands, and using Locational Astrology I also created meaningful experiences in other countries around the world. 

For years I have been using Astrology to navigate life, and to bring more magic to my days.  I found pleasure and devotion in my daily routine, by aligning with the cosmos, the planetary days, and all the wisdom that astrology provides. 

When contacting me, you're not contacting only an Astrologer, you're contacting ME. And all that I am, throughout years of practice, devotion, study, experience, and passion. 


Around my seventeens, I was already invested in Astrology, and holistic tools, in an attempt to understand myself and what I was going through. After many years of only getting the least of what Astrology could really offer, I decided to invest in several self-knowledge tools and finally dedicate myself to my teenage passion. Among all the Astrological fields, I first found myself in Modern Astrology, where I developed a more psychological approach. I was self-taught for years, diving into the knowledge of Stephen Arroyo, Dane Rudhyar, and other famous Astrologers, authors, and teachers in this field. When I decided to give Astrology readings as a professional, I got my certification in Humanistic and Psychological Astrology Interpretation from "Instituto Solare Brasil".

Nowadays, I experience and practice the art of Astrology primarily through the traditional lenses. My work is heavily influenced by Hellenistic teachings, from house system, to concepts and techniques. 

I am definitely not the type of "fortune teller" and I won't make decisions for you. For me, it's magical to unravel and bring light to somebody's destiny and to give insights, confirmations, possibilities, and directions. This is what Astrology and other divination tools are for. My intention during our consultation is for you to reconnect with yourself, cause the truth is already there, and to clarify what perhaps is hidden, so you can take aligned decisions that resonate with your essence.


I am still maturing my relationship with fate and free will, I see the natal chart as a map that holds a promise that will unfold throughout time, and that we still have the choice to embody it,  and act in alignment with it. 

You can find more about the different types of readings I offer and choose which may suit you the best at this moment, by checking the page "offerings" on this website.

Astro by Nala was created in 2020 when I decided to invest in my passion that I studied for so many years. Today, my greatest desire is to reconnect people with their natal chart promises, and remind them of their potential, while guiding them so they can navigate with awareness through their life challenges, and possibilities. I am more than honored to have helped many beings to understand and embody their special gifts, understanding their story and the potential they can grab to write their own pages.