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Translating celestial messages for

intentional living

Helping you to live an intentional life more aligned with your own nature and the cosmic clock.

The light of the wandering stars has always been guiding us.

The celestial dance symbolically reflects life on earth. Following the Hermetic principle "as above so below", Astrology is a language that for thousands of years, has been making it possible to understand the correspondence between planetary relationships and the movement in nature. Astrology is for me a form of art, that helps us make sense and attune to the mystery that surrounds our existence by evoking deep reflections. Although it seems to be something intangible, Astrology is right here, it's in everything, and it is deeply grounded in nature. As our cosmic clock, it mirrors the cycles in life. We read the sky to better comprehend time, to comprehend us.

"Who am I on the face of destiny?" "How life wants to unfold?" "Where lies my potential and what are my challenges?" You are reflected in the cosmos, and Astrology provides answers through archetypes, mythology, and symbolism. As an Astrologer, I use the chart as a tool, and through a Hellenistic approach, I will put these cosmic dots together and translate them in a practical way, offering you direction, clarity, and reassurance so you can resignify your story, and deepen up your connection with yourself to write your new pages.

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This is how we can do magic together


Taurus rising, Aquarius Moon, Leo Sun.

Hi, I'm Nala

I'm a Hellenistic Astrologer, Reiki practitioner, initiated in Ceremonial, Natural, and Planetary Magic. In my approach I seek to reconnect you with your true nature and own timing, instead of "fixing" parts of you, I aim to guide you towards the embodiment and integration of your gifts, empowering you to create a life that makes sense to you while navigating with awareness the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs of your life.

I truly believe the use of Astrology can be a practical yet meaningful way to create alignment and intentional living. Astrology helps us to make sense of the past, present, and future experiences but also guides us through our inner world exploration. For years I have been using this ancient knowledge to navigate my life cycles, and to understand myself as well as the world around me. By translating the celestial messages to understand the dance of nature, I could tap into my own, and it's mesmerizing to be able to share this sacred tool and wisdom with you. If you're looking for guidance and direction in a grounded and practical way, without watering down the magic and mystery that is to live in this world, then I am your Astrologer!​

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"... as the higher bodies signify the things existing in this world through the powers of their natural motions, then what is the advantage of being ignorant of this knowledge?" - ABU M'ASHAR

Magical birth chart reading with Nala, mindblowing how it all works, how she knew every detail about myself and my way of thinking and living. Such a powerful call, so much energy, and information. I got closer to my real self, to the "true me", and got to learn so much about myself. Can't thank you enough!

X. Procopi – Natal Chart Reading


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